Sunday, May 31, 2009


Hello, and welcome to the Female Exhibitionism blog.

This blog will center on the practice of exposing the female body in public. This can take many forms:
  • dressing provocatively in public and displaying a little more flesh than usual (tease)
  • allowing strangers a view of body parts not normally seen in public via strategic positioning (deliberate upskirt exposure, or nip slip)
  • wearing transparent garments that permit a view of what is beneath them (sheer clothing)
  • being naked or topless in a public place, or body painted (Key West style)
  • momentary "flashing" breasts or genitalia to strangers in public (Mardi-Gras style)
There are several aspects that we will not cover here, including:
  • public exposure of the male body, or transgender activity
  • exposure within the confines of a nudist resort where most surrounding participants are also naked, or nakedness at a recognized nude beach (nudists are not necessarily exhibitionists).
  • any exposure that is not consented to by the subject (voyeur material, for instance)
  • any subject matter or images where the age of the subject may be under 18, or disputable
We welcome the input of all readers, including stories, images, and opinions. We reserve the right to amend or delete such content if we believe that it contravenes the ideals of this blog. If minors are present in images, we reserve the right to edit those images in order to protect their identities.

One of the first things we need to make clear is the meaning of the word public in the context of this arena. This may become the topic of some subsequent debate, but it seems appropriate to apply the term public exhibitionism to instances that take place in a public environment (such as on a street, festival, parade, shop, park or other place where people gather). We are also prepared to extend the terminology to include private events attended by a nominal number of people, where most people are clothed (a private party, or the Exotic Erotic Ball, for instance).

One of the things we intend to create is a list of the 100 Top Exhibitionist Women in the world, including photographs of each subject and links to higher resolution images. In doing so, we will attempt to acknowledge the author of each photograph published, and to create a link to that person's material. If you find an image that was taken by you and has not been suitably attributed, please contact us and we will strive to make amends.

In the meantime, feel free to contribute - we would love to hear from you (both male and female), particularly if you have some experience in this activity.